6 Features worth Considering When Hiring Custom Home Builder Park City

One of the supreme things is buying a house and customizing your home. Though there are plenty of features worth considering, there are a few options weighing up to arrive at decisions. Now, looking to move to Park City means you have valuable reasons, such as giving your family a quality life and enjoy reduced living costs.  It also means you must look for custom home builder Park City so that a deeper look is available for your property.

Features worth considering

Floor plan and orientation

The floor plan refers to selecting something fitting your lifestyle. It may be a home office, a small bar as priorities, but you should consider the future. There is a need to know if your family will grow, and your new home should accommodate the growth.  A house is a sizeable investment, and the future is unknown, so it is worth considering long-term suitability.

Orientation refers to your house positioning. There is a need to determine the part of your home to receive natural light from the sun on particular day times. There is a need to weigh up this fact and also where will be the outdoor areas of your home. You may consult home builder Park City and ensure your home gives you all that you need today and in the future.

Energy efficiency

Allowing sunshine relates to orientation and is an important factor during winter months to have more sunshine. This will ensure you spend less on heating. It means you need to double glaze the large windows, so that heat loss is reduced. There is also a need to consider good seals and insulation on your windows and doors as modern building practices for home.

For energy efficiency, you may consider installing a rainwater tank and solar panels. The solar power is expensive to set up but results in huge savings.  Having solar power means your power bills can be reduced. This logic is applicable to the collection of rainwater that can be recycled to use.

Air conditioning and heating

If you wish to stay in Heber City to the Park City south in the Heber Valley heart or near Deer Creek, you may need a home builder Heber to decide on the heating and AC system.

Air conditioning is required, but there are options to consider as the AC systems are in two types such as split and ducted. A split system is attached to a head unit, and the condenser is outside. These are cheaper to install and supplies cool air. A ducted system is into the ceiling featuring each room vented. A ducted system is for the entire home to distribute cool air.

Interior design

Acquiring for your interiors the modern design trends is tempting but tricky. You must know or must approach your custom home builder Park City to know about your interior design. This is because interior designs cannot be changed in every few years as it is expensive. Putting new curtains is easier and cheaper but not installing a kitchen- stone top.

Going big with the design of your interiors is not wrong, but you must consider how it will appear once it ages. In case you have plans to put on sale, will it be appealing to the potential buyer. Adhering to the principles of timeless, classic design includes personal flair. There are infinite choices, and the key is in choosing the right décor.


Preservation and keeping it running is an integral part of running a home. As such, there is no other way. However, when it comes to selecting materials, there is a need to maintain it. You may consider for the house exterior some low cladding such as window frames in aluminum or plastic composite in the outdoor areas. These options need very little maintenance.  You may use LED lighting that is long-lasting and opt for flooring that is easy to clean or consider some gas-powered fireplace.


A very important feature is your new home security. There are many options. Your security measures should be considered so that you place it before the completion of the construction. You can go for strong locks, security lights, or alarm system. You may also ask the home builder park city to go for something modern.