What Kind Pests Can Pest Control Park City Find In Your Bathroom

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You always clean your bathrooms really well and hope that no bugs will crawl around, but that is just something you really can’t avoid without professional help. Your bathroom is one of the most favorite hiding spots for those creepy little pests, they love the warmth and the smell of it.  Imagine one day you are just going about your day and getting ready in your bathroom and you notice a bug crawling out of your toilet and the first thing you do is panik, instead of panicking its best that you contact pest control park city immediately to get an appointment so that a professional can get rid of it. 

Common pests that you might find in your bathroom:



-pharaoh ants



Each of these pests are there with a purpose, but they also can pose a threat to you. Roaches usually never travel alone, so if you see one another might be coming soon after. Ants always report back to others when they find a good source of food and water. Silverfish are just gross and creepy. Let’s look at some other way that you can identify other pests.


Cendepies are rarely seen but they do exist and they can be found in your home. Cendepies can be recognized by their legs, they have more legs than any other pests, they can have up to 15 legs. Cendepies can live for a very long time and can spend many years in your home without you even realizing that they are there. Cendepies are yellowish to dark brown color and somites can have stripes on their backs. They can be up to 1 inches long and some can even be 6 inches long. 

Pharaoh Ants 

These ants don’t like to nest underground, they prefer warm and moist places like your bathroom. You can find their hiding spot somewhere where something isn’t glued down or sealed. They can look brown or yellow and can be the size of a red ant. Pharaoh ants originated in North Africa but now they can be found all over the world including your homes. 


Cockroaches love drains and sewers which means they can crawl out of your shower drain anytime. They also love any warm and moist places  and very often can be found in bathrooms. The best way to avoid roaches is to close your shower drains and also clean them out often. Use strong chemicals to clean your drains out because hot water and soap will not kill the roaches. 

If you have a problem with pests then you are not alone because it is so common. It’s best that you contact a professional before the pest problem gets any worse. Pest control park city professional and well trained exterminators can help you get rid of any pests for good. Professionals have the right tools and chemicals that will not only get rid of pests but also prevent any future ones.