Charming Fall Country Wedding Reception Ideas

This fall is the perfect time to get hitched and to take advantage of some great new trending wedding ideas. We have a few fun suggestions for both indoor and outdoor wedding reception venues in Utah and how to make them look flawless for your big day! These five items will add that touch of fall you want at your wedding….pumpkins, burlap, baskets, berries, and barn wood.

Pumpkins and Gourds

Pumpkins and gourds have some great characteristics that make them a perfect decoration for your wedding reception. Pumpkins come in all sizes too…tall, short, fat, skinny, small… we’re positive you’ll be able to find something that will work for you. You can also find pumpkins and gourds in a variety of colors, most common are orange, white, green, and spotted. Pumpkins make great center pieces and fall accents to your reception.PumpkinTable wedding-inspiration white pumpkin


Burlap is the perfect material for any country wedding and it has so many fantastic and fun uses. For example, burlap is the perfect material for classy and even elegant table runners, banners, streamers, and other table accents. Burlap is becoming many wedding and reception venues’ decorating staples.

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We love baskets! Baskets come in many different textures, colors and sizes too! They are ideal for storing and displaying wedding gifts in a cute way and they are perfect for holding accent items that work well for weddings such as fruit, flowers, cards, and party favors. You can’t go wrong this fall, if you choose to use baskets as part of your wedding décor.bk1 bk 2


There are lot’s of different colored berries that suit wedding receptions. We think the colors of berries that work best in a wedding reception setting are brown, white, burgundy, and plum. Berries will add that bit of elegance that will make your country wedding pop. Synthetic or fresh, berries are one of the easiest ways to help your reception look beautiful. Berries are fairly inexpensive, which is another perk to using berries as part of your wedding décor.br2br 1 

Barn Wood

Barn wood can be a surprisingly elegant accent to a wedding. Barn wood can add that bit of shabby chic class that works great for weddings. Genuine barn wood chairs, picture frames, doors, and signs are fun new trending décor ideas this fall 2

bw 3If you’re planning a country wedding for this fall or even the next, these are some great items that will help you get going. You can find them at most material and crafting stores and at a good price…especially if you shop with coupons. We know that many wedding venues in Salt Lake City will be taking advantage of these tips and you should too! What five things do you need at your fall wedding? Pumpkins, burlap, baskets, and berries…alright now go start planning!