What Kind Pests Can Pest Control Park City Find In Your Bathroom

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You always clean your bathrooms really well and hope that no bugs will crawl around, but that is just something you really can’t avoid without professional help. Your bathroom is one of the most favorite hiding spots for those creepy little pests, they love the warmth and the smell of it.  Imagine one day you are just going about your day and getting ready in your bathroom and you notice a bug crawling out of your toilet and the first thing you do is panik, instead of panicking its best that you contact pest control park city immediately to get an appointment so that a professional can get rid of it. 

Common pests that you might find in your bathroom:



-pharaoh ants



Each of these pests are there with a purpose, but they also can pose a threat to you. Roaches usually never travel alone, so if you see one another might be coming soon after. Ants always report back to others when they find a good source of food and water. Silverfish are just gross and creepy. Let’s look at some other way that you can identify other pests.


Cendepies are rarely seen but they do exist and they can be found in your home. Cendepies can be recognized by their legs, they have more legs than any other pests, they can have up to 15 legs. Cendepies can live for a very long time and can spend many years in your home without you even realizing that they are there. Cendepies are yellowish to dark brown color and somites can have stripes on their backs. They can be up to 1 inches long and some can even be 6 inches long. 

Pharaoh Ants 

These ants don’t like to nest underground, they prefer warm and moist places like your bathroom. You can find their hiding spot somewhere where something isn’t glued down or sealed. They can look brown or yellow and can be the size of a red ant. Pharaoh ants originated in North Africa but now they can be found all over the world including your homes. 


Cockroaches love drains and sewers which means they can crawl out of your shower drain anytime. They also love any warm and moist places  and very often can be found in bathrooms. The best way to avoid roaches is to close your shower drains and also clean them out often. Use strong chemicals to clean your drains out because hot water and soap will not kill the roaches. 

If you have a problem with pests then you are not alone because it is so common. It’s best that you contact a professional before the pest problem gets any worse. Pest control park city professional and well trained exterminators can help you get rid of any pests for good. Professionals have the right tools and chemicals that will not only get rid of pests but also prevent any future ones.


Post Construction Cleaning

Doing a Big Remodel? Here’s a Guide to Post Construction Cleaning

Your big remodel is finished and your home looks mind blowing. This is the best feeling you can ever have in your life. But wait, what to do with all the waste and dust. (Yes, uncomfortably beautiful!)

So, there’s still some work to do! Post construction cleaning is a drag, however a basic step before you can take a load off is hiring a maid service in Nashville. Trustworthy one!

Here are the most amazing tips to ensure your post-remodel cleanup goes as fast – and productively – as could it be expected.

Before you relax in your recently remodeled home, there are a few stages you have to pass to reach your remodel flawlessly.

Keep in mind: if you have sensitive lungs or respiratory issues, consider wearing a mask for the cleaning cycle. This will keep you from inconvenience by taking in residue and waste dust.

Guide to Post Construction Cleaning

Step 1: Clear First

It’s important to clean all the surfaces as the first step of cleaning. Always remember to clear the floors first.

Step 2: Open the Windows

If it’s the season of winter, it is important to open your windows. This will make a wind flow to draw out dust, decrease smells from cleaning items, and limit the odd scents of dust and sawn wood.

Step 3: Scrap Everything (We Mean It. Everything.)

Take out the microfiber fabrics and wipe down everything in sight. Old clothes will not do the work as required. You need to use cleaning materials intended to clean dust particles.

Remember to clean between blinds, window sills, the highest points of door, racking units, pantries, and floors. Start in one corner of the room close to the exit and work your way back around to a similar entryway.

Step 4: Now It’s Vacuum Time

Run the vacuum cleaner over your rugs gradually. Start with the rugs and relocate with the extra vacuum after that. It’s important to go at max throttle to clean your remodel house way more quickly. If you miss a spot or don’t deep clean, dust and residue will keep on coming out of the rug when you walk on it.

Step 5:  Check Your Air Vents

It is the most frequently forgotten part during a post-remodel cleaning process: air vents.

These are a magnet for dust.

It is important to vacuum inside and outside of your vents. This will prevent any blockage in your cooling or heating system. It will also prevent any residue from coming again into the room.

Step 6: Wipe Hard Surfaces (and Dry Them, Too)

Wipe down any hard surfaces like kitchen counters with sanitizer to ensure your house is as clean as you expected it to be.

It is important to dry out all surfaces that you’ve cleaned to prevent any odd smelling scents in your recently remodeled home. Make sure to leave pantries open to dry out.

Step 7: Vacuum Again

When you know that you’re completely done, run the vacuum around the home once more. A ton of the residue will have settled at this point, so a last clean will help with limiting the risk of residue issues.

Step 8: Leave the Room (Highly Recommended!)

You can rest for a couple of moments. Leave any residue particles that have been trapped to settle down once more.

If you have different rooms that need cleaning, then it is an ideal opportunity to start clearing and tidying them. If your remodel was only for the one region, take it easy for 30 minutes.

Step 8: Hire Professionals

Can’t face the cleaning by yourself? Cleaning experts will handle it for you.

If post construction cleaning seems like a lot of work, or you’re simply tired from the remodeling process, a best maid service in Nashville can help.

Post-remodeling cleaning services are an incredible way to ensure your house is clean and waste free. You don’t have to complete the difficult work when another person will do it for you.


We hope that your remodeled house would sparkle after you have followed all the above-mentioned steps for cleaning it afterwards. However, we do believe these tasks are hectic and can be performed better by professionals. You can contact best maid service or specific remodel cleaning service in Nashville for professional cleaning.

Maid Service Mesa Can Take Care Of The Dirty Mess


maid service mesa

Having a clean home every day is one of the best feelings. The smell of fresh fruity all-purpose cleaner or fresh vacuum lines can be very satisfying, You want all of that for your home but do you put the time and effort into it? It’s understandable that you might be very busy and don’t have the extra time to spend on cleaning your home. You might do a quick wipe but that’s all. It’s very important that at least once a month you should do a deep clean. There is so much dirt that collects over time if not properly cleaned and it can cause you to get sick or even attract some bugs into your home. If you think you are ready for a deep clean you should consider hiring maid service mesa to help you achieve those carpet lines. 

Maid Services Include

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning includes vacuuming, dusting, and detailed cleaning. A deep clean ensures your home is left spotless. Let your house shine and smell amazing.  The deep cleaning will not only clean your house but also disinfect to help you prevent from catching any germs or attracting any pests. With a deep clean the maids can also include washing your dishes or doing your laundry.

Office Cleaning

If you are thinking about a deep clean in your home you should also consider having a maid service come and clean your office.  Your office is also a place where you spend alot of your time and it might be very dirty. Alot of dust can collect on your desk and on your computer. Also, think about how dirty probably your keyboard is? Have you ever wiped it down? Probably not. That’s ok not a lot of us think about doing those things when we are busy. That not our first priority. That’s why there are maid services, they can help you with all of that.


Think about how much money you can save by not having to buy cleaning supplies. Good quality cleaning supplies can be very expensive. With maid services you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank because they will provide their own stuff. Maid services will bring the own vacuums, mops, brooms, and other things to clean with. Plus maids are trained on exactly what to use for different cleanings. You can’t just use one disefectend for everything. for example you cant use windex on counters or you can use bleach on furniture. 

If you think that maid service sounds like the right choice for you then they are ready to help you out. Maid service mesa is trustworthy reliable and efficient. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority, if you ever aren’t satisfied with something then they will come to redo it at no extra cost.  No need to live in your own mess anymore, and being busy cant be an excuse anymore either. Contact maid services for all your cleaning needs.


Professional Pest Control Park City Tips For Your Spring Cleaning

pest control park city

When it comes to preventing pests from entering your home during springtime you should be doing a deep cleaning of your home. Cleaning your fridge, closet, bathroom or kitchen might not seem like an important priority but if you ignore those areas it can cause a serious pest problem. Pest control park city recommends that you should spend quality time deep cleaning everything in your home.


We use our closets to store many things including clothes, shoes, or even bins full of stuff we haven’t touched in years. It is important that you go through the stuff that you haven’t used in years and inspect any pests. Some pests like moths, beetles, and bed bugs might have settled in the untouched clothes or bins. Take everything out of your closet and inspect for any signs of damage in your stuff. Before returning all your stuff back into your closet, make sure to vacuum inside the closet and dust for cobwebs. 


You might not see any crumbs, but there is plenty of food on your floors that can attract pests. You should also clean out your pantry and fridge. Remove any expired food, clean off any dishes that haven’t been used in a while. While your cabinets, pantry, and fridge are empty you should wipe it down with some clean to kill all of the bacteria. You should also vacuum and sweep your floor really well, make sure not to miss any corners. Once you have removed all of the expired food, you should immediately seal the garbage bag and take the garbage outside far from the house.


A bathroom is a really commonplace for cockroaches and spiders to appear at. Most of the time they come out of your drains. The best way to prevent pests from getting out of the drains is to pour some bleach down the drain, including your sink, bathtub, and toilet. Also, make sure to sanitize everything and check under the sink. 


When you are cleaning out your bedroom closet, you should also be checking under your bed. Make sure there isn’t any clutter. If you can you will want to move your bed and vacuum really good to get rid of any webs and dust. Also, make sure to check your mattress for any signs of bed bugs. You can do the same with the couch in your living room.


Your garbage cans are one of the most common places where you can find pests. Pest love to go after the food in your trash can. Taking out your trash frequently is a must to prevent pests. When you are taking out the trash you should also wash and disinfect the inside and outside of the trash can to get rid of any smells that can be pleasing to pests. Also, make sure the bottom of your trash can is properly sealed to prevent any leaks.

If you uncover a pest problem in your home, you should immediately contact your local pest control park city for professional help. You won’t want to ignore it, pests can cause serious damage to your home and your health,