Maid Services Utah – How to Clean Six Common Types of Hard Floors

Have you ever wondered if the cleaner you use to clean your floors is actually recommended for that floor type?  If you haven’t hired a house cleaning Utah service, here are 6 common types of hard floors, and how to clean them!

Most people hire house cleaning Salt Lake City services, so that they don’t have to deal with cleaning their floors.  If you haven’t made the plunge to outsource your floor cleaning duties to a cleaning service Salt Lake City, here’s a quick list of six common types of hard floors, and how to clean them!

  1. Laminate:laminate-flooring-1

The good news is that laminate floors are very resilient.  You do, however, want to make sure that water is not able to get underneath the planks.  To clean laminate floors you will want to vacuum or dry mop, and then spot clean with a damp microfiber mop.

  1. Hardwood Floor:01-hardwood-floors

Sealed wood floors are typically protected from stains and water damage, but you want to steer clear of acidic solutions which can dull the floor over time.  You can use a simple pH neutral soap with some water to clean, but you will want to use a dry microfiber mop to wipe up any excess moisture.

If you do have a waxed wood floor, you will want to avoid any moisture including damp mops.  Just make sure these floors are vacuumed or dry mopped regularly to keep dust and dirt from damaging the surface.

  1. Bamboo Floor:bamboo

Bamboo flooring is a beautiful and sustainable option, but it does come at a slightly higher cost.  For this reason, you want to make sure that you keep dirt swept up regularly to prevent damage.  You can use the same technique to clean bamboo floors that you use to clean sealed hardwood floors.

3. Linoleum Floorforbo-marmoleum-neutral

Linoleum and vinyl are often used interchangeably, but true linoleum is made from linseed oil, limestone, resin, wood fiber, and cork dust.  It is then colored with mineral pigments.  Mix up a spray bottle of a small amount of dish soap and hot water.  Spray small sections of the floor and wipe down with a microfiber mop.

  1. Vinyl FloorVinyl-Flooring-Roll

Vinyl is extremely resilient, and nearly indestructible.  You can clean vinyl floors in sections using a spray bottle with ¼ cup vinegar, one drop of dish soap, and the rest water.  Spray and wipe with a dry microfiber as you go.  You can also use a steam cleaner to remove tough stains and sanitize vinyl floors.

  1. Natural Stone FloorTile-Orlando1

Be very careful what chemicals or products you allow to touch your natural stone floors.  Even a small amount of vinegar, bleach, or ammonia could cause irreversible damage.  Mop sealed floors with a pH-neutral, non-chelating cleaner, which won’t react negatively to natural minerals.

If your stone tiles are unsealed, only mop them with a microfiber mop and hot water or a steam cleaner to prevent chemicals from penetrating the stone.

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